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In 2004, Kostas Dervenis founded the International Pammachon Union (ΔιεθνήΈνωσηΠαμμάχου) non-profit in Greece to regulate Pammachon training worldwide.

There is a court decision in 2004 recognizing the following statement:

Pammachon is a martial arts school with a distinct methodology and philosophy that was reconstructed by Kostas Dervenis in 2000, after almost vanishing in this generation based on the art that was taught in the 19thcentury in Papingo [Greece].


Pammachon has been formally recognised by the Institute of Traditional Martial Arts, an association housed in the Department of Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences (College of Education) at the University of New Mexico, and working to promote the growth, development, dissemination of knowledge, and preservation of cultural heritage of the traditional martial arts, both locally and globally.

History of Pammachon

Since 1999 I have been using the term “pammachon” (πάμμαχον) in regard to both the martial arts and the warrior’s path expressed through these arts. There are clear indications that the word...

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