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Schoolchildren in Zagori training in the martial arts
Ancient Pammachon
Schoolchildren in Crete training in close quarter combat

About Kostas Dervenis

Kostas Dervenis meditating

 Kostas Dervenis was born in the United States in 1959. After receiving degrees in Chemical and Materials Engineering, Kostas pursued a career in the defense industry. In 1990 he was the Engineering Manager for the Greek F-16 program, and in 1992 decided to settle in Greece. He was worked in the academic, telecommunications and software sectors since that time.

Martial Arts

Kostas joined the Martial Arts world at the age of ten, beginning with judo and boxing. Throughout his life, he has trained in karate, judo, jujutsu, ninpo taijutsu, kung fu, and tai chi chuan. Having surrendered all other ranks in the oriental arts, Kostas retains a 5th Dan in Jujutsu/Jojutsu under Professor Andrew Yiannakis of New Mexico.

In 1984, while studying materials engineering in Atlanta GA, Kostas became a student of the well-known weapons-master and Western-style fencing researcher Hank Reinhardt, driving an early and fundamental interest in the Historical European Martial Arts. His work was referenced by Bettany Hughes in her book, "Helen of Troy," and he was cited as an expert on Bronze Age combat in the accompanying Channel 4 documentary. Kostas’ book "The Martial Arts of Ancient Greece" has been included as a reference for the degree program at the US Army War College.

Hand to hand combat

Kostas’ study of the evolutionary factors of hand-to-hand combat has been lauded by military and academic authorities alike. Several commendations for his work are listed below.

  • The NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Center, Chania Crete Greece
  • The 115 Combat Wing of the Hellenic Airforce, Chania Crete Greece
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Interdisciplinary Task Force (Delta Force), Athens Greece 
    (Ειδικός διακλαδικός λόχος Πυρηνικού Βιολογικού Χημικού Πολέμου)
  • Honorary distinction, 4th International Medical Olympiad
  • “Maritime Close Combat”, NMIOTC journal Issue No. 9, Fall 2014, p 44

 Non-lethal Combatives

 Submission Combatives

Lethal Combatives 

 Autonomic Processing


Institute of Traditional Martial Arts

Pammachon has been formally recognised by the Institute of Traditional Martial Arts, an association housed in the Department of Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences (College of Education) at the University of New Mexico, and working to promote the growth, development, dissemination of knowledge, and preservation of cultural heritage of the traditional martial arts, both locally and globally.

History of Pammachon

Since 1999 Kostas Dervenis has used the term “pammachon” (πάμμαχον) for both the martial arts and the warrior’s path expressed through these arts...

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